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September 2023

The Town Board meeting called to order on Sep 12, 2022 @7:00pm at the Meteor Community Center with all members present. Also 1 operator and 8 residents.

Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notification was done

Disposition of Minutes: White/Welling motion to approve

Treasurer’s Report: Welling/White motion to approve



2023 MFL enrollment information only

Jan 2022 estimated population 167 information

MFL transfer information only


Old Business:  

NCP/solar use-Olson to get the meter checked. Paperwork for panels completed.

Road work-Deer Lake Blacktop done. Need to get the shouldering done.  

ROW mowing-done

Replace loader-agreed 938. Ben to be at Oct meeting with best price

Procurement policy-Olson/Welling motion to approve

Conflict of Interest  Ord 22-01-Welling/White motion to approve


Budget Review: Board

Reports:  Chairman Olson-Bridge aid


New Business:

Assessor contract-Welling/White motion approved a two-year contract

Equalized value-information only

Refrigerator-we will not purchase now

Road Certification-Frey to complete and send

Comments WTA newsletter-none

Snowplow contracts-Welling/White motion approved new rates. $75 to $100-$100 to $135-$150 to $210-$225 to $300.


Public recognition: Need Deer Lake Road sign, thank you for the road mowing ,Matt Kormann has joined the Exeland Fire Department, Matt will also start training on grader as backup at $16.50/hour.

Bills: Welling/White motion to approve 11887-11902



            Board meeting                                            Oct 10, 2022 @7:00pm

            Cty Unit                                                       Oct     , 2022 @ 7:00pm


Adjournment-Welling/White motion to adjourn

Clarence Frey, Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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