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Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

December 2023

The Town Board meeting was called to order on Dec 11, 2023 @7:00pm Meteor Community Center with all members present. Also present were both operators and 10 residents.

Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting.

Hayward paper notification was done.

Disposition of Minutes: Welling/White motion to approve.

Treasurer’s Report: White/Welling motion to approve.

          White/Welling motion to close $125,000 CD at Superior Choice


Correspondence: MFL amendment-Timber Lodge info

                              -Hageny info

                             -Mark Rogers-Solar Panel info

                             -Jared Zesiger-Solar Panel info


Old Business:  

Kathy Baker project update. Gave final report with reports complete.

Shed safety/security.-Will get the remotes programmed.

Dump truck sale-Still working on a couple possible buyers.

Gravel-Costs more to crush then we were charging. Olson/Welling motion to raise price to $10/yd. Revisit delivery method in January.

Recycling change-Went back to every other pickup. We received a contamination charge. Olson to coordinate attendants.

Open records request-Frey explained what the WTA is seeing in new requests.

Budget changes: Plan pay, all members receive same pay; scholarships, ended;  account tracking(ARPA, Ed fund, Machine fund, stopped some and added some), money transfers, did earlier.

Formal budget adoption-Approved by a Welling/White motion


Budget Review: Done

Reports:  Chairman Olson-Covered earlier.


New Business:

Employee handbook-2024 project

Job description: Heavy equipment operator, Road Boss-2024 project

Appoint election inspectors: Paul, Fran, Kathy, Cyndy, Welling/White approved all

Comments WTA newsletter; none


Public recognition: Decking wood on Zesiger West. Chewed up the road. Olson to follow up. Need a solid short ladder for working on equipment. Nate ordered oi change kit for the generator. We need to have a Special Closed Board meeting to discuss the Road Boss position.


Bills: Welling/White motion approved vouchers 12178-12194.



          Board meeting                                          Jan 08, 2024 @7:00pm

          County Unit Radisson                              Jan 29, 2024 @ 7:00pm


Adjournment: Welling/White motion approved adjournment.

Clarence Frey, Clerk

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