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May 7, 2019

Chairman Pagel called the Plan Commission to order on May 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm at the Meteor Community Center with 3 members present. Also present was Supervisors Welling and Rogers along with Clerk Frey.

Open meeting requirements per Chap 19.84 were met by posting

Approved minutes of Apr 3. 2019 meeting by a John Clark/Ellyn Welling motion

Discuss Special use application of Zachary & Kelly White. It looks like all procedures were covered. It Is not an issue with surrounding uses. Therefore, the Meteor Plan Commission approved sending it on the Meteor board by a Ellyn Welling/Nate Kormann motion.

Discuss proposed zoning changes. They were looked over to see the reasoning behind each change and determined that neither charge would adversely affect us. Therefore, a Paul Pagel/Mark Rogers motion was approved to send the changes to the Meteor board with the Plan Commission approval

ATV/UTV policy. After much discussion, it as agreed in principle to take the County Letter of Understanding and modify to Town of Meteor language and take the ATV/UTV policy previously written by Linda Rogers, make a few changes and bring all this back to the September Plan Commission meeting.

Comprehensive plan changes. Page 3 is not the latest wording in rewritten copy. Clerk to get it figured out and rewritten if necessary and e-mail to all members for correctness.

Next meeting agenda will include ATV/UTV Policy and final changes to the Comprehensive Plan.

Next meeting date set for Tuesday September 3, 2019 @MCC (Meteor Community Center)

Adjournment: Approved an Ellyn Welling/Nate Kormann motion to adjourn.

Clarence Frey, Town Clerk


Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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