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April 2023

The Town Board meeting for the Town of Meteor was called to order on Apr 10, 2023 @7:00pm Meteor Community Center with all members present except Olson. Also present were 2 operators and 7 residents.


Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting.

Hayward paper notification was done.

Minutes: Approved as with date correction by Welling/White motion

Treasurer’s Report: Approved as printed by White/Welling motion.


Gravel crushing bids: Opened gravel crushing bids from Golat Engels and Antczak. White/Welling motion approved to award to Antczak. Put comment quote regarding the date of completion as stated in the ad for bids.



Change Non-metallic Mining rules. Changes to ground water runoff.


Old Business:

NCP/solar use; Waiting for the electrician to get back to us.

Shed safety/security; Need to program the remotes.

Sell dump truck; Needs some work to able to sell for $18,000 value.

Disaster aid; Received extension until May 31. Work needs to be done and paid for by then.


Budget Review: Board

Reports:  Chairman Olson; None


New Business:

Insurance claim/Roof repair; Clerk to make sure claim is started.

Large dumpster: Limited to dumpsters full or 6 weeks, whichever is sooner.

Short bridge survey: WTA and WIDOT working on a program to find out how many there are. Box culverts and culverts in series count.

District meeting/LRIP; With all the new Highway Commissioners coming on, they are not involved as in the past. WTA and WIDOT are working on the assistance Trip program grant writing by the WTA. Frey  to attend spring workshop for more on this.

Comments WTA newsletter; None


Public recognition:

There are some snow dams in ditches being worked on. We had 69% turnout for the election. Thank you to those that brought food to the election workers. We need to get Deer Lake Road shouldering done before the blacktop edges start breaking off. The board will check options. Thank you for all the good snowplowing this winter. Think about a yard cleanup day. It was asked about looking for insurance quotes to see if we are getting a good deal. Disaster response cards were mentioned. Put it on the agenda for next month. Asked if our County Board rep could attend a meeting. We received a fire inspection report saying we need smoke detectors. White to get them. Looked at the MFL transfer. Thank you to all that took care of the election. A water filter has been ordered.

Bills: Welling/White motion approved vouchers 12036-12059.



          Board meeting, sign new oath                   May 08, 2023 @7:00pm

          Officially take office                                  Apr 18, 2023

          Cty unit Meadowbrook                              Apr 24, 2023 @7:00pm         

          Annual meeting                                          Apr 18, 2023 @7:00pm

          FABICK open house                                  Apr 14&15


Adjournment: Welling/White motion approved adjournment.

Clarence Frey, Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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