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March 2023

Town Board meeting called to order by Supervisor White on Mar 13, 2023 @7:00pm Meteor Community Center with all members present except Chairman Olson. Also present was 2 operators and 6 residents.

Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting.

Hayward paper notification was done.

Disposition of Minutes: Approved by Welling/White motion.

Treasurer’s Report: Approved by Welling/White motion.


Correspondence: FABICK Open House Apr 14-15


Old Business:  

NCP/solar use. White/Welling motion to hire an electrician to work through the red tape that NCP is requiring.

Shed safety/security. The bar and brackets put on the door. We will check the remotes we have to reprogram for more than 1 door before purchasing more.

Sell dump truck. Worth about $18,000 with a little more work.

Disaster aid sign. Frey will sign and file.


Budget Review: Done

Reports:  Chairman Olson. Absent


New Business:

Capital Day. No one to attend

BOR Training. White to attend virtual.

Spring Workshop. No one attending.

Audit date. Set for April 3, 2023

Gravel crushing. The bid is good to advertise as printed.

Pit reclamation signing. Frey to sign and send.

Comments WTA newsletter. None.

Snowplow refund. Agreed to send partial back.


Public recognition: County Road bans go on Friday, Mar17th

Bills: Welling/White motion to approve vouchers 12205-12034



          Board meeting, sign new oath                   Apr 10, 2023 @7:00pm

          Officially take office                                  Apr 18, 2023

          Cty unit Meadowbrook                              Apr 24, 2023 @7:00pm         

          Annual meeting                                          Apr 25, 2023 @7:00pm

          Election                                                      Apr 04, 2023


Adjournment: Approved by Welling/White motion

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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